The Big Poundbury Conversation is an initiative launched by the Residents’ Association for all who live and work in Poundbury, and people are already sharing their views.

We want to know what you think about being here, and what might help make this a really great place.

What are people saying so far?

  • Poundbury has been in the making for over 30 years. As buildings have gone up, our resident numbers have increased to over 4200 and businesses to over 250
  • People like being close to shops and services. They feel safe. They like the range  of clubs and activities. They appreciate the open spaces and the look of the buildings. It feels neighbourly
  • They would like to see more attention paid to younger people, and to find more ways of bringing the community together
  • They would like to make Poundbury greener and safer
  • They would like to have access to a wider range of shops and restaurants

What do you think?

  • Take part in the survey so that we can understand views across the community
  • Have a chat to a member of the team about your thoughts
  • Invite us to a regular meeting that you organise or attend, so we can listen to your group
  • Send us an email with your views

    We would like to hear from you over the Spring and Summer. We will then organise discussions about the findings in the Autumn.

    Contact the Team at The Big Poundbury Conversation

    Let us know what's on your mind. Have some ideas for us? Start writing...