With the Duchy of Cornwall, Management Companies and developers involved in Poundbury as well as the usual councils, it can be very confusing for Poundbury residents to know who to contact when there is an issue to resolve or information to find.

We get quite a few queries about this, so thought we would trial building an FAQ section our community site to answer the most common questions. If you have a question we’ve not covered here, let us know.

Who do I contact about a problem in my courtyard?

Maintenance of courtyards and linking passageways in Poundbury are the responsibility of Management Companies, not the council. You can contact them and find out more from each of them on their shared website. It’s a confusing situation as Manco 1, broadly covering Poundbury Phase 1, has taken on responsibility for maintenance, however Mancos 2 and 3 have not, and Manco 4 is not yet operational, so those areas are still the responsibility of either the developer, or the Duchy. But ask at the Manco first.

Mancos have engaged Symonds and Sampson to deliver services for them.

How do I report a faulty streetlight?

Not as simple a question as in other neighbourhoods because many of Poundbury’s streetlights are on streets which are not yet adopted by Dorset Council, or in courtyards not yet adopted by Poundbury Management Companies (Mancos). As this situation changes continually, our advice would be to contact Dorset Council in the first instance, as they will tell you if that streetlight is their responsibility. You can report faults here. If they say is not their responsibility, try the Duchy here. If you get nowhere, let us know and we will see if we can find out anything.